Peruvian Tradition


(Fotos : Milagros Rocío Neyra Rodríguez)

essence in the international fashion …

The bridge of the whispers … elegant colonial houses and cobbled streets. It’s the scene in the middle of the XVIII century. When the mysterious and sumptuous “tapadas” (antiques women of Lima) showed the middle of their faces, and beautiful long skirts made from a delicate material. Hundreds of years have passed since those days, which have been meant to Peru to reinforce the roots of a cultural legacy… rich in mixtures.

& it’s that designers of the level of John Galliano (Dior’s house) have been inspired in all that Peruvian charm, expressed in its clothes made from natural textiles of the Land of the Inkas. We refer to the alpaca and the Pima cotton. The fiber of that Peruvian camellia, also known as the angel’s hair, is the unique from all over the world that counts in a natural manner with a complete range of colors that starts since the black up to the white, passing by brown and gray tones that are mixed up with the earths and the clear skies of the Andeans landscapes. That’s how Annie Alvarez Calderón, the internationally known Peruvian designer, proposes to replace the classical fur coats for any others made from alpaca with knitted flowers.

In the same way, Peru feels proud of being the cradle of the world famous recognized Pima cotton, which stands out for the smoothness of its extra large and finest fibers carefully cultivated by hand.

And just in case it could mean a few ... the magical Peruvian jungle is territory of wild animals like the sajino and the huangana, whose exotics furs are used to make original, elegant, and varied accessories in leather.

Due to the higher and varied textile quality that brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani , Victoria’s Secret , Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste , produce their clothes in Peru through the complete service offered by the peruvian exporter enterprises , who have been elaborating since lots of years a great range of products with added value.

Fortunately for the fashion and well dressing lovers, coming soon …in the Peruvian capital city is going to be launched one of the most important events of the textile area in Latin America. Peru Fashion 2008, will be the show room of the best exportable Peruvian offer of textiles, apparel, footwear and accessories. Besides, many proposals of designers, young professionals of the fashion world and also cultural activities will be shown.-Milagros Neyra- Lima

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